Sound Design

Never underestimate the use of Sound Design. It´s the Soul of movie making.

We can set you up with the Foley you need. Not only from our large sound database but with sounds made from scratch fitted to the pictures you have.

Sound Design is a powerful tool and it makes 50% of a good video or movie

Here is some of our past work:

sound design in an animated video for EDL Fasteners

sound and logo jingle for SKEDD by Würth Electronics AG

sound design in a commercial for the city of Würzburg

Artillery: Knight Vs Orcs for Nintendo DS by Kritzelkratz 3000

High Performance Linearsystem by Wittenstein AG

Kössler Technologie GmbH Imagefilm

the Narratomat by Daniel Jaroschik & Rouven Köhnen


sound design and final mix for the thriller Thallium by Ralph Wege